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Bas Haring


Does the world become a dif­fer­ent place when we use dif­fer­ent words?
What makes us feel in con­trol?
Why are some num­bers too small to understand?

Bas Har­ing has man­aged to increase tele­vi­sion rat­ings with amaz­ing pro­grams on phi­los­o­phy. He is bright. He is tit­il­lat­ing. And he is search­ing for answers to ques­tions that every­body could have asked, but no one ever does. It’s is not black and white think­ing Bas Har­ing is after. Ideas and con­cepts show us what dif­fers from oth­ers and from the other. And what exactly is it that makes us so dif­fer­ent to rab­bits and computers?

Bas Har­ing is a pro­fes­sor at the Lei­den Uni­ver­sity where he teaches Pub­lic Under­stand­ing of Sci­ence. He recently pub­lished his book: “For a Suc­cess­ful Life” – deliv­er­ing a con­vinc­ing advo­cacy to opt for just the oppo­site: an unsuc­cess­ful life. Almost every­body is dream­ing of hav­ing suc­ces. But why? How nec­es­sary is being suc­cess­ful com­pared to being happy and sim­ply feel­ing good? Do we really strive for suc­cess or are we forced into the concept?