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Julian Oliver

New media artist

Tak­ing up space: the per­fect mix between real­ity and ad-on’s

In Julian Oliver’s exper­i­ments noth­ing remains as it was before. He cre­ates per­fect new vis­tas and insta­ble land­scapes. He rede­fines the con­cept of pub­lic space by turn­ing it into a wide per­son­al­ized plane that is not inhab­ited by a large anony­mous group, but by some­one well known to us. You and I,- or whomever you’d like to share that space with.

Julian Oliver pro­vides new and allur­ing approaches to aug­mented real­ity. Aug­mented real­ity means cre­at­ing vir­tual ad-on’s to what is already there. Recently Oliver started work­ing on new forms of uti­liz­ing pub­lic space that is already dense with adver­tise­ments. Just imag­ine see­ing art all around Times Square instead of adver­tise­ments for sport shoes and soft drinks. Or imag­ine some­one enter­ing one of those adver­tise­ments for soft drinks and thus adding new mes­sage and mean­ing to what it was before. You could be the one who decides what you want to see or be invited by a – prefer­ably famous — cura­tor to look at his selec­tion. Aug­mented real­ity is always real-time inter­ac­tive, in the sense that it blends in per­fectly with the real space in which it is acti­vated. This allows mul­ti­ple use of pub­lic space. The adver­tise­ment is still there, it just isn’t there all the time to all the peo­ple. This project works in all three dimen­sions: that means that you could actu­ally go to Times Square and look at the sur­faces through what is called adver­tiser binoc­u­lars. But you could also watch the project on any screen avail­able, — like your i-phone. Obvi­ously it can be used for print­ing as well.

Julian Oliver is an artist and a great tech­ni­cal thinker. He is from New Zealand and now lives in Berlin. He has pre­sented his projects at muse­ums and inter­na­tional events all over the world, includ­ing the Tate Mod­ern, Trans­me­di­ale, Ars Elec­tron­ica and the Japan Media Arts Festival.



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