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Harry Merry

Song­writer and entertainer

Some love him, some loath him, — and in gen­eral he just leaves you stunned!

You either cheer or jeer at Harry Merry. Some do not hes­i­tate to call his music bril­liant, while oth­ers won­der if these sounds should be called music at all. Harry’s music can best be described as strange tunes some­where between Frank Zappa and The Bonzo Dog Band. It is com­pletely loaded with unex­pected turns and unusual back­ground vocals. You might think that it def­i­nitely sounds too high or out of tune at times, but you are mis­taken. It is exactly as it should be. The remark­able musi­cian actu­ally writes all these weird vocal arrange­ments for his singers.

The lyrics to his music are unusual too. Sim­ply under­stand­ing the mean­ing of the words is out of the ques­tion. They form strange twists that can enter­tain you for hours, might you decide to solve the puz­zles they present.

Rot­ter­dam born Harry Merry is a song­writer and an enter­tainer, hyp­no­tized since his child­hood by the ever-spinning vinyl on the juke­box in the pub where his mother used to work. At a young age he was influ­enced by The Bea­t­les and other rock ‘n roll bands of the ‘60s. After years of play­ing the piano Merry com­posed his first songs in the 90’s and has not stopped ever since. With his weird chan­sons and elec­tro schlagers he has brought down the house in Europe and in the USA.


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