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Daan Roosegaarde

Tech­nol­ogy Artist

Sen­sual electronics

Stu­dio Roosegaarde is an artis­tic lab­o­ra­tory for unique art and tech­nol­ogy projects. It is the home­stead of artist Daan Roosegaarde where he explores the dynamic rela­tion­ship between archi­tec­ture, peo­ple and e-culture. In his art­works he explores the rela­tion­ship between archi­tec­ture, humans and mod­ern media. His work shows the intense effects that can be achieved when sculp­tures cre­ate a new envi­ron­ment by react­ing on peo­ple and space. His sculp­tures reflect col­li­sions of tech­nol­ogy with the human body. In this inter­ac­tive rela­tion­ship, the sculp­tures cre­ate sit­u­a­tions where vis­i­tors and space become one.

Roosegaarde has become inter­na­tion­ally known with the Sus­tain­able Dance Floor that he cre­ated for Watt, a dance club in Rot­ter­dam. Sus­tain­abil­ity often plays an impor­tant part in his work. In Dune 4.2 he cre­ated a dune land­scape con­sist­ing of hun­dreds of LED lights. Dune is a work of pub­lic art along the river Maas. The art­work is intel­li­gent because it reacts on human behav­ior. At night the instal­la­tion looks spec­tac­u­lar as the LED lights glow up as pedes­tri­ans walk by. The 60 meters long instal­la­tion uses only 60 Watt of elec­tric­ity. That is the equiv­a­lent of one street­light. The lights that used to light the path have been put off.

Roosegaarde about the future: ‘Now it is only inter­ac­tive esca­la­tors, doors and traf­fic lights that reflect on the pub­lic. Within five years I am going to cre­ate a build­ing that opens up to you, wher­ever you want to enter. Walls that sense by move­ment detec­tion. I call this liq­uid architecture.’

Daan Roosegaarde is the cre­ative direc­tor of Stu­dio Roosegaarde, an inde­pen­dent artis­tic lab­o­ra­tory in which inter­ac­tive art­works are being devel­oped. His work is exhib­ited  every­where, from Lon­don to Hongkong and widely dis­cussed in the inter­na­tional press. His work is suc­ces­ful in the art world and in dig­i­tal media. Daan Roosegaarde stud­ied at the Acad­emy of Fine Arts AKI in Enschede and at the Berlage Insti­tute, a post­grad­u­ate lab­o­ra­tory of archi­tec­ture in Rotterdam.


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