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Celine Cairo

Singer song­writer

Some­times dreams become true! They did for Ams­ter­dam born and raised Celine Cairo. The 19 year old singer-songwriter is rapidly con­quer­ing the Nether­lands with her unique voice.

In a time when it seems as if a career in music starts with par­tic­i­pat­ing in a TV pro­gram like Idols or Pop­stars, Celine’s approach is rather down to earth. Com­pos­ing and mak­ing music has always been her dream and since the age of four­teen she is mak­ing every effort to make that dream come true. She used to make all her own arrange­ments to get per­for­mances. About a year ago she joined up with bass-player Mart Jen­ing and vio­lin­ist and pro­ducer Matthijs Lievaart. Since then, her career gained momen­tum: they are booked show after show and have already won a few nom­i­na­tions, like the Tal­ent Night 2009. The high­light so far was a per­for­mance at Carnegie Hall in New York!

Although the atten­tion and recog­ni­tion is nice, for Celine the most impor­tant thing is to per­form. Devot­ing her­self purely and sim­ply to the music is what really makes her happy: no press, no fuss, just mak­ing music! Doing gigs! Tak­ing peo­ple on a jour­ney! She does it so well that many peo­ple are reminded of the early Jewel.