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Brigitte Paulissen

enter­trainer and cabaret coach

Free Energy

I do not like writ­ing, but I love to sing. Besides, not many peo­ple have the time for read­ing, but they do lis­ten to a CD in the car.” And so it came about that Brigitte Paulis­sen made the CD Free Energy, record­ing songs about every­day life in the office. Her favorite song is  called ‘Hold On’. She explains: “I wrote this song for The Hunger Project.” The Hunger Project sup­ports peo­ple to find their strength to build a future with­out hunger.

Paulis­sen is a trainer and a coach. Her premise is that you need other peo­ple to do what you must do. That is what gives you energy! Free energy is what we all want, isn’t it? Her songs relate to sit­u­a­tions in the work­ing envi­ron­ment: meet­ings, lis­ten­ing and emo­tions, ambiva­lent ambi­tions in your job, fol­low­ing your own insights, unex­pected ways in which you may get inspired. And then, when lit­tle things suc­ceed, that’s when you feel it … free energy!

Brigitte’s motto: free energy through pow­er­ful encoun­ters. That motto did not just come out of the blue. She used to be the wor­ry­ing type rather than the shar­ing type of per­son. But that did not give her the right energy. Study­ing, feed­back, intro­spec­tion as well as hav­ing a sup­port­ive home front made changes pos­si­ble for her. Now she shares her expe­ri­ences in busi­ness, to the effect that teams have increas­ingly pow­er­ful encoun­ters and thus expe­ri­ence free energy.