Old and Future Leadership, by Frank Los

TEDxRotterdam 2011 in drawings Frank Los is a drawing artist. But that’s not all. He can be seen as the incredible sum of a caricaturist, poet, master of ceremonies, magician and stand-up comedian. The theme… more


Thank you all!

TEDxRotterdam wants to thank: all the performers all the partners all the guests in Het Nieuwe Luxor, at the streaming locations and as well as online worldwide for an amazing 2011 edition. You will lead… more


Future Leadership poem by Marjolijn van Heemstra

At TEDxRotterdam 2011 Dutch poet Marjolijn van Heemstra surprised and moved the audience with her so called ‘poem slash speech’, a new form she tried out especially for TEDxRotterdam. Read, listen and watch her impressive… more

Invitation procedure

Many final year Bachelor and Master students have already registered. The first students have been invited already. No worries if you have not received an invitation yet, until the 1st of October guests will be more


Watch all talks of TEDxRotterdam 2011

For everyone with the need to relive TEDxRotterdam 2011, for fans of any specific talk and for the unfortunate who were unable to attent the event last Octobre 13: a TEDxRotterdam 2011 Future Leadership playlist… more


TEDxTalks mindmapped

Besides the live videostream provided by TEDxRotterdam yesterday, there was a livestream containing mindmaps of every TEDxTalk. World of Minds facilitated this event via livemindmapping on a livestream on the web. The mindmaps are accessible… more


App for TEDxRotterdam

TEDxRotterdam has launched an amazingly practical mobile app that will be useful, maybe even crucial, to make the most out of your TEDxRotterdam experience. The app is free downloadable via and provides you with… more


Sneak preview TEDx performers on 3FM

Ming’s Pretty Heroes & Red Limo String Quartet on air this Sunday 10 PM TEDxRotterdam is not alone in feeling inspired by the musical crossover of Ming’s Pretty Heroes and the Red Limo String Quartet.… more



Jan Kees de Jager

De Jager is more than just a politician using his expertise in economics to serve his country. In these times of worldwide financial crisis he leads the way by strongly representing the Dutch financial politics… more


Giel Beelen

Beelen is more than just one of the most popular radio personalities in the Netherlands. He leads the way by championing the less fortunate through both radio and television. Beelen uses his need to go… more



Janssen is more than just a talented woman heading one of the most prominent modern dance troupes in the Netherlands. She leads the way by creating site-specific works on typical Rotterdam locations like the roof… more


Max Westerman – host

Besides covering most important American news stories of recent decades, he leads the way by infusing his reportage, television programs and books with humor and other story-telling techniques that make them interesting for a mass… more

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Rob Wijnberg

Wijnberg is more than just a journalist; he leads the way by expressing the value(s) of future generations and defending absolute freedom of speech. Our world is facing enormous energy problems with fossil fuels becoming… more